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The infamous blue colour which has come to symbolize The English School Fahaheel for 44 years was not as visible on a special day as ESF marked Breast Cancer Awareness Day along with many government and other prominent institutions in Kuwait.

The colour pink filled the play area as students donned pink ribbon badges, which they made themselves , and pink balloons to mark this special event. Students formed a pink ribbon in the play area to further symbolize this event.

The event at ESF was organized by Mrs Shepherd and Upper School students Charmaine Detruz, Maryam Syed and Nawaal Zuberi, who actively supported this international campaign. The Vice Chair Mrs Jasmin Shuhaiber congratulated the students on their commitment to this cause.Many other Upper School students also participated in this event.

Leading upto the event,students researched the disease and methods of prevention.They also made display boards including facts and information to help other students learn more about breast cancer.

Pink ribbon badges were made by ESF students and sold to raise money to donate the Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

At the end of this special event a balloon release took place involving many Upper school girls.
One of the main student organizers Maryam Syed said of the event: ”Being able to initiate this campaign has broadened my vision of how I can make a difference”