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Curriculum: Lower School 

The Early Years Department occupies spacious and stimulating teaching areas which are linked to large and wellresourced indoor and outdoor play areas. These areas are equipped with large and safe play equipment.

The UK Foundation Stage Curriculum

The curriculum for Early Years education in The English School Fahaheel is planned so that –

    • Independence is fostered, and
    • Each child is encouraged to reach his or her potential in the following areas:
  • Communication, Language and Literacy. These outcomes cover the most important aspects of language development and provide the foundation for literacy. Children must be helped to acquire competence in English speaking, listening, reading and writing as soon as possible, making sure where appropriate of their developing understanding and skills in their own first language.
  • Mathematics. These outcomes cover important mathematical understanding and provide the foundation for Numeracy.
  • Physical development. These outcomes focus on children’s developing physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Personal and social development. These areas of attention focus on children learning how to work, play and, most essentially,co-operate with other children and adults.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world. These areas focus on children’s developing knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and features of the world. They provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.
  • Creative development. Creative development focuses on the development of children’s imagination, their ability to communicate and to express their ideas and feelings in creative, and often extremely artistic ways.
  • Reception-aged children will also encounter the UK Primary Framework for Literacy and Numeracy, to complement the Foundation Stage curriculum.