Welcome to ESF


The English School Fahaheel has always been at the forefront of technology among schools in Kuwait. In 2005 ESF was the first school to introduce Wireless Internet throughout the new premises allowing students to use their laptops anywhere on the premises and staff to benefit from advanced computer based teaching in the classrooms. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens to aid this modern teaching technique. This year, ESF is the first school to introduce its own TV channel- “ESF TV”, which broadcasts the latest ESF news and events and the latest health precautions such as the current Swine Flu pandemic.

ESF TV can be viewed on the premises on new LCD screens. Parents and students are very impressed with novel idea and the important information which ESF TV broadcasts.

Another major development this academic year at ESF has been the introduction of the “Brown Recycle Bag”. In its commitment to recycling for many years now, ESF introduced the bag to encourage people to recycle and re-use and spread the school’s clear commitment to the issue.

Picture: Students are seen near an ESF TV outlet. Some students displaying the new Brown Bag.