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Early Days

The English School Fahaheel was founded in 1968 by a group of expatriate parents under the guidance of the incumbent British Consul.
In that same year the school was recognised by the Private Education Department of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait, and opened its doors to a handful of expatriate students.

At that time there was no other school in South Kuwait providing an English education other than a company school established in Ahmadi by Kuwait Oil Company for the children of its employees. This company school was closed in 1970.

A block of classrooms and an Assembly Hall were built at The English School Fahaheel, thus enabling places to be offered to a proportion of Kuwait Oil Company children in September 1970.
Due to the steady increase in the expatriate English-speaking population in Kuwait, it became evident by late 1976 that further expansion would be necessary in the not-too-distant future. In 1978 an upper storey to the main building was constructed, substantially increasing the number of student places available.

Progress and expansion continued unabated until the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The occupying Iraqi army used the school premises as a command centre and destroyed or looted furniture, educational materials and anything of value. Following the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the owner of the school, Mr. Ibrahim Shuhaiber M.Sc., was determined to see it thrive once again. A major clean-up operation began as the British Army forces in Kuwait assisted in clearing mines and ammunition from the surrounding area and beach.

The English School Fahaheel soon regained its position as one of Kuwait's leading English schools, achieving excellence in education.