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The Code of Conduct for Students

At The English School Fahaheel we fully expect excellent conduct and behaviour from all our students. This expectation comes from everyone associated with the school.
In this way, your son or daughter will work, learn and develop at ESF with confidence.

The courtesy shown by staff and students is well-known throughout Kuwait, and this is the high standard that we fully expect throughout each Department. Both our own staff and the Ministry of Education are quite clear regarding the effort and behaviour expected from each student.

In school, children are encouraged to strive for, and achieve, their best in work, attitude and personal behaviour. Members of staff are experienced in encouraging positive aspects of a student's efforts, ranging from written approval in workbooks to reward by certificates and other means.

There are also sanctions in place to rectify any misbehaviour, ranging from discussion, temporary deprivation of privileges to requesting an interview with parents if considered appropriate by the respective Head Teachers of the Primary and Secondary Departments, prior to further action as suggested by Ministry of Education Articles.

The Ministry of Education is quite clear in its directives to schools. Schools must not accept -

  • absence from school without permission,
  • forgetting books,
  • being negligent in producing homework,
  • being late for class,
  • being indisciplined or noisy during lessons,         
  • playing truant from school,
  • not attending the morning Assembly,
  • being disorderly during morning Assembly,
  • neglecting personal appearance, using bad names to colleagues or workers,
  • harming school equipment and furniture.
  • We trust that this will not happen.

Conversely, we shall take every step to protect your child's confidence, safety and continued hard work at The English School Fahaheel.