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Teachers make planned, regular assessments in order to monitor the development of every student in The English School Fahaheel.

Parents are invited to an Open Day each term and annual written reports are sent home to indicate their children's progress throughout the academic year. In addition, teachers are most willing to talk with parents at any time, upon arrangement with the School Office. An appropriate time and the consultation room will be allocated for their confidential discussion.

In the Early Years an Entry Profile or Baseline Assessment is used to assess each child in the first month of schooling, followed by the summative and final assessment prior to entry into Reception Year, where teachers monitor children's progress very carefully. At the end of the academic year, Reception Year children are given NFER tests, in Literacy and Numeracy, which results are passed to the Primary Department.

Assessment and Reporting in the Primary Department incorporate regular classroom-set tests for English and Mathematics. In KS2 there are mid-year and end-of-year tests for the main subject areas, together with standardised tests to monitor each pupil's progress. At the end of Year 6 pupils undertake the CAT3 assessments to monitor their integration into the Secondary Department.

Throughout the Secondary Department student progress is monitored by an assessment profile of each student. Teaching staff use this information when planning coursework. All subjects have comprehensive schemes of work underpinned by formal and very through assessment in school-based examinations. These lead to IGCSE examination in Years 10 to 11, and AS/A2 examinations in year 11, 12 and 13.


The Primary Department at ESF, Arabic language and Islamic Studies are taught in conformity with the syllabus provided by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. They are taught for both Arabs and non-Arabs in separate classes and according to the regulations of the Private Education Department of the Ministry of Education.

Special support is given to students if and when needed, according to plans drawn up by the Head Teacher, Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies in consultation with the pupil's parents.



The Secondary Department offers two types of examination:

  • the Kuwaiti High School Secondary Examination andĀ 
  • the IGCSE Arabic as a First Language Examination. The latter may be taken at school and follows the system of the Cambridge International Examinations (C.I.E.) in England.


The learning of other languages is an essential part of a student's education.All students from Year 4 to 9 learn French in ESF, and as an optional subject in Years 10 to 12. All students are catered for with the use of differentiated course materials.
- the IGCSE Arabic as a First Language Examination. The latter may be taken at school and follows the system of the Cambridge International Examinations (C.I.E.) in England

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory at The English School Fahaheel. Uniforms are imported from the U.K. and may be purchased from the Uniform Shop opposite the Cashier's office. The various summer and winter uniforms are displayed throughout this.

Resource Unit

English School Fahaheel has a fully-equipped resource unit including all required teaching materials imported from U.K.

Health Care

The English School Fahaheel employs a full-time, qualified and experienced School Nurse based in the Ground Floor Clinic. She is in attendance throughout each school day until each student has vacated the premises at the end of the school session and extra-curricular activity. She maintains a comprehensive record of each pupil's health, including a periodic check-up for each student according to Ministry of Health regulations.