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Al Bisher and Al Shaya sponsor ESF -Art Recycle project

Al Bisher Mercedes Benz and Al Shaya H&M clothing store recently sponsored the Art Recycling Competition at ESF. Students from years 5 and 6 took part in a great Design Technology project by designing cars and clothes using only recycled materials. Project Supervisor was Middle School Art teacher Ms. Johnson.

The boys used cardboard boxes and plastic containers for the body of the cars. Tops of jam jars, egg cartons and tops of hair spray cans were used for the wheels. The cars ranged in size, colour and design as each student wanted to design something more spectacular than their fellow class mates. Some students even added a steering wheel a driver and passengers inside their car.

The girls showed the boys what they could do and used plastic bags, foil, and gift wrapping paper, ribbon, lace and Christmas decorations to make their dresses.

The end of such hard work came in the form of a year 5 and 6 Assembly. Al Bisher Mercedes Benz awarded the winner with a brand new model car which was shipped in especially for the event. Al Shaya H&M awarded gift vouchers to the winning dress. The winners were Ioana Birian and Nawaf Mutiri
ESF takes pride in its recycling campaign and for many years now has been at the forefront of recycling awareness among schools in Kuwait. All bags used by ESF are recyclable and recycling bins are available throughout the premises.